36 Tennant Road Kenilworth, South Africa, 7708

Inpatient Programme

Our approach 

Anker Huis provides top quality care, effective, evidence-based addiction treatment.   Our sole consideration in delivering this service is the best interests of the client in our care.  

We employ a flexible approach which places the individual, with his or her unique needs and capacities, at the centre of the treatment plan.    

An addiction often co-occurs with other psychological disorders which call for their own interventions and solutions. We ensure that any co-occurring conditions are identified and addressed as part of the treatment plan. 

The programme is full-time and encompasses varying elements including individual therapy, mindfulness techniques, group therapy and recovery-oriented recreation.   Every element is included in the service of our overarching objective, which is the healing and development of the individual.  

The minimum stay at Anker Huis is 30 days.